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Welcome to the World of Hemp


Organic hemp products are crafted lovingly and personally for the nature lover in you.

Gone are the days when hemp was merely used as a fiber for beaded necklaces and ropes. People are finally coming to terms with the immense economic advantages that hemp has to offer. Being one of the most environment-friendly plants, hemp has been used as a fiber and eatable for long. Small wonder, then, that organic hemp cloth is back in demand, as are highly-nutritious hemp seeds.

If you are looking to buy organic fiber in bulk, or hemp seeds at wholesale rates, you’ve come to the right place. Be it highly durable men’s organic hemp clothing or wholesome hemp seeds for consumption, iTraffic Exports have it all!.

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iTraffic Exports is a wholesale hemp seed supplier that lets you make the most of your scrumptious meals – by topping with hemp seeds! Get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids with our crunchy hemp seeds.


Hemp oil works to improve your overall health, especially your skin. For a healthy overall appearance and glowing complexion, get your quality hemp oil from a trusted bulk exporter like iTraffic Exports.


Hemp fabric cloth, as we know is one of the most eco-friendly and lost lasting fibers you will ever find! We, at iTraffic take care of all your organic hemp clothing needs by giving you the best quality hemp fiber in the market.



Till date, Hemp remains one of the world’s oldest crops. Not only this, but it is also known for being extremely versatile throughout the globe.

If you are looking out for solution that fits the grander scheme of things by letting you live in peace with your environment and the ecosystem surrounding it: choose hemp! Be it the versatility of Hemp fabric cloth or the demand for Wholesale & Bulk Organic Hemp Seeds, Hemp finds it presence everywhere. People these days want something eco-friendly and Hemp gives them just the same.

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Make These With Hemp Now!


Choose a premium wholesale hemp seed supplier like iTraffic Exports to make the most out of what Hemp can offer.

  • Organic Hemp Clothing
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Hulled Hemp Seeds
  • Hemp Bodycare Products
  • Hemp Paper
  • CBD Oil
  • Hemp Protein
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