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We are the foremost exporter of honey products on the online marketplace.

Honey Exporters

Welcome to the World of Honey


Honey is more than just a healthy alternative to sugar. Not only does it offer enormous health benefits, but it is also known for its highly effective antioxidant properties.

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth while being conscious of your health at the same time, honey is the ideal choice for you. However, you will only get the best organic and unadulterated honey from a top bee honey exporter. One such exporter is iTraffic Exports, and are committed to bringing you a taste of honey in its purest form. Our honey products come to you with a distinctive taste and delightful aroma. Whether it is the rarest variety of honey or the most tried and tested – iTraffic Exports should be your one-stop destination for an astonishing assortment, unmatched anywhere else.

Honey is a vital part of nature’s bounty, its use going back thousands of years. It has been venerated for its taste and medical benefits by thousands of cultures around the globe. Early Ayurvedic Treatments used honey both as cure and a base for more complicated preparations. When it comes to the overall wellbeing and proper functioning of your body, organic honey is definitely a better choice than processed sugar. Start looking out for suppliers near your area and treat yourself to the most epic breakfast of all time!

Of course, its universal availability also means a corresponding abundance of cheap imitations on the market. Simply pour a spoonful into a clear glass of water to test purity – the better the honey, the less cloudy the water in the glass will get. This hassle can be avoided by ordering your honey from a top bee honey exporter like iTraffic Exports – simply add a squirt of lime juice, herbs and cinnamon to your glass, to do wonders for your tastebuds and immunity.




If you wish to savor a mouth-watering meal which is nutritious at the same time: add honey to your breakfast. Be it your morning cuppa or a generous layer over your morning toast, honey makes everything delicious!

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Types of honey we export


When it comes to providing the best form of honey available (such as multiflora honey), iTraffic Exports has got you covered! As as the name indicates, multiflora honey is blended from the best uniflora honeys. All the diverse range of flavors come together in the distinctive taste of multifloral honey. Being one of the top bee honey exporters, we make sure that our customers are satisfied to the utmost with the services we have to offer.

At iTraffic Exports we make sure that your honey reaches your doorstep on time. We provide on-time assistance from a team of experts, in case of any difficulty in tracking your order.
If you want the kind of honey that is flexible between your gourmet needs and daily usage, multi flora honey will fit you just perfectly.



This gift from bees and flowers is a perfect embodiment of mother nature – and now you can make it a part of your daily diet, with the absolute minimum amount of hassle!.

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