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We are committed to providing the best Basmati Rice, at a reasonable price.

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Welcome to the World of Indian Rice


Get the best quality Indian Basmati Rice at your doorstep!

Sit down to a wholesome meal anywhere in the country – and the chances are, rice will account for more space on your plate than anything else. Whether you are starting your day with fresh idlis, or rounding off a scrumptious meal with a bowl of kheer, rice forms a staple part of the Indian diet.

Most people simply don’t realize how radically a fine Indian Basmati can affect the quality of their dining experience. Be it grain size, texture, aroma, or the all-important taste – Basmati Rice can make the difference between an adequate meal and a soul-satisfying feast!

The next question that arises: how does the consumer choose a genuine Basmati out of a sea of pale imitations?

Simple: By relying on a tried, trusted and certified Basmati Rice Exporter! If you haven’t sampled the everyday delicacy that is Basmati yet, you owe yourself a taste of what the fuss is all about – and the most reliable source on the online marketplace is currently iTraffic Exports.



Being a long and slender aromatic rice, basmati adds the true touch of Indianness to your meals. You can pair it with a curry of your choice for a simple but delectable meal; or taste the rich flavors of biryani in all its complex and scrumptious glory.


Rice in its purest form, with smaller grains and earthier flavor, which you can simply eat on a regular basis. Be it on your office lunch breaks or quiet family dinners, non-Basmati Rice can be eaten for most meals without feeling heavy or lethargic afterwards.


Of course, rice comes in varied forms and tastes. Red, brown, unpolished, fine grain – if you wish to explore the variety that rice has to offer you, look out for an exporter near your area – such as iTraffic Exports, which can help you get acquainted with inexpensive as well as exotic ways to make the most of every meal.

Why choose iTraffic Exports?


We are a premium rice exporter in India, giving you the best range of products at the most competitive prices on the market. Some of our salient features as an organization include:

  • On-time assistance
  • Hassle-free delivery, guaranteed
  • A global network of transporters and suppliers
  • Premium products exclusive to our catalogue
  • Leading exporter of Basmati and non-Basmati rice, hemp products, etc.

Having issues placing your order? Get both online and offline assistance from our trusted team of experts, now!

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